here lies resistence to the comings&goings of love (pointlesemotion) wrote,
here lies resistence to the comings&goings of love

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its a bitter sweet life, ive loved and lost my heart along the way.

Maybe I could still hold you
Or you could call if you feel so inclined
Please take your time locating whatever you're trying to find
Maybe it's time to let go
But I'm too scared and so unprepared
How do I forget, every moment in time that we shared?

there are those select few people you ever meet in your life that have such an affect on you and even after youve been so hurt by this person you continue to feel the affect that this person gave you wen you first met. your this person and i need you there for me. shes got me hooked on everything about her and i cant do one simple thing about it. your just amazing, enough said. take me back.

feelings. sweeeeet. sike.

tomorrow. :).

your still the same girl ive always known. beautiful, amazing, smart, funny, and well beautiful. be happy you. yea you.


my schedule for tomorrow: work, pizza, beruit, pizza, beruit, bed. wat a day.
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