here lies resistence to the comings&goings of love (pointlesemotion) wrote,
here lies resistence to the comings&goings of love

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i just drove by an accident and it wasnt to pretty.

makes you think.

theres alot on my mind. life, her, hockey, and me.

complications, confusion, and stupid decisions.

hockey starts soon. life will soon begin to take shape once again. soon i will be the happiest and yet most unhappy person in the world. this is my chance to make some1 of myself, make my parents proud and prove to myself i can do something with my life.

clouds overhead, but that was alright
Cause then and there with the wind in your hair
Heaven was jealous to merely look fair against you
And all I need now is for this moon to keep light in its desolate skyline for good

yea ive been thinkin alot lately, thinking too much about things that are impossible, things that will never happen. things that arent worth it but worth so much at once. whatever.

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