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nothing has really hapened lately.
last weekend was fun
-i got drunk for the first time and it was fun and i called alot of ppl.
-me and amanda are official
-i went to cheri's party saturday night and it was one of the best nights ive had in awhile. i think amanda's friends like me. so thats good. i taught them how to play skoal tennis and they loved it.
-my hockey season is over butmy team has playoffs tomorow and i hope they lose so i dont have to go to practice anymore
-the b team is going to albany this weekend for the finals. if they win they go to nationals. i think if they go to nationals i might be able to play but idk.
-me and vector are becoming good friends
-its spring time
-i regret not playing hs hockey cuz it wouldve been fun.
-school sucks now and i have an awful case of senioritis.
-im going to start to work out tomorrow or wednesday.

ive been sick latly and it sucks.
i need to go to a show soon.
i miss danielle j and colin alot.
i hate coughing.
its finally thundering!!

6-4-06 could you please hurry up??

im going to bedd
pce out
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