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the last few days ive been feeling really shitty. ive been way to lonely for to long. i really need to find some1 that gives me the feeling of a brand new crush or just anything different from wat ive been feeling. im not sure if i still have feelings for amanda or i just havent met any1 new. u really cant get over some1 until you meet some1 that makes you feel special. no1 has given me that feeling in awhile. i thoguht i had it with a few people but no she just popped right back into the picture. im really pathetic but oh well.

oh another sad note my grandmother past away last night. i know shes doing better up there with the big man. i was never really that close to my grandmother even tho she lived with me. :(.

hockey has been a drag lately. i have no idea wat colleges im looking into becuz i dont know how the school is and how their hockey program is. being moved down to the b team has lowered my moral even more. its so easy and its just a waste of time for me. but at the same time i dont know if id rather be playing a or b cuz im doing so well down on the b team. im just pissed about it cuz he fucked me over last year about moving up to the a team. im better than alot of those kids up there. idk pretty gay.


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