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danielle j = fucking awesome.

funnest day in awhile. mini golfing, ice cream, frisbee, killer cat attacks, and alot of fun in such a short amount of time. she really is awesome and i wish i could see her more often.

if i went to work today it wouldve been my 5th day straight and if i went til my next day off that would be til next friday. 12 days of work in a row sucks...especially wen i have 45+ hours a week. i hurt my back at work as well. not cool. the only thing good about working that much is the paycheck. my paycheck is an average 200 bills. its pretty sweet but working that much sucks balls meng.

hockey starts soon. so fucking excited and its going to be a great fucking year.

i need a gf. ive been realy lonely lately and a gf would be sweet. in time ill find some1 and itll be sweet. but til that day ill be content that hockey starts soon.

later lj.
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