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i guess i can update or something.

amanda and i are finished for good. honestly, i dont care and im far over it. soon enough she'll realize nice guys like me dont come around to often and shes gunna get hurt and hurt and itll be her fault. not to sound mean.

ive been working alot lately. im getting about 35-40 hours a week and its pretty sweet. i work sundays all the time and thats the best thing ever cuz of time and a half. im close to getting fired tho cuz i went to canada and they didnt give me the time off so i just went anyway. it was a big mistkae on my part cuz well at the time it was so worth it cuz of amanda but then she became a loser again. but oh well i got wat ive been wanting for awhile and it was quite amazing it was still pretty gay at the same time.

warped tour yesterday was absolutely amazing! me jesse and curt went and we met up with michelle, mal and her cousin. i forget her name tho. we saw silverstein, early nov, cartel, HORSE THE BAND, hellogoodbye, the academy is, a little moneen, a little halifax and i think thats it. we missed therefore i am and thursday but its ok cuz i had alot of fun and so did everyone else. i saw pat, gia, ryan, nick, and his cuz. they are some fun ppl.

but to me the best part of warped tour was hanging out with michelle cuz shes the best ever obviously. i missed her so much and we nver got around to hanging out and we finaly did and it was so sweet.

i have a tournament this weekend in marlboro. its gunna be kinda gay and i dont really wanna play. but i should cuz the season starts soon. i cant wait for the season to start tho. we have a good team thisyear and we have a black kid who is nasty. i guess we'll find out how good we are wen the season starts.

im outtie. pce.
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