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ill stop stabbing wen you stop screaming

chiodos is officially my new fave live band. they were amazing last night.

thank you danielle j for a really great night.

me and amanda are doing good but i havent seen her in a few days, stinks mad lots.

idk wat im doing for prom yet.

people are really getting on my nerves lately...ppl are being wicked hypocrites, procrastinators and wicked ignorant around me.

wierd to say but i miss ice hockey a ton. dek hockey is not wat it used to be. i skated today with a bunch of the guys and i miss them alot and i miss skating alot too. i got a shot to the ankle soooooo bad today too and i have a humongous bump from it.

tryouts this weekend for the a team.

im in this months edition of USA junior hockey magazine. its a big junior hockey magazine that goes over all the major junior hockey leagues in america. its pretty sweet. ive been in it b4 but it was for the b team not the a team.

tomorrow the whole school is going to different places and cleaning up...wicked GAY.

im not tired at all.

i need to go to another show ASAP cuz i miss singing til my voice is gone and being around alot of people doing the same thing. its a great atmosphere....until the faggot scene kids ruin everything. but watever. they are still fun.

but yea im leaving.

peace out lj see you next month.
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